Toe River Canoe Trail

The secret is out! Canoeing the Toe River has become a favorite location and activity for many water loving enthusiasts.  The beautiful Toe River meanders throughout the region offering many unique experiences and sights while canoeing, tubing or kayaking.

The Toe River Valley Canoe Trail runs 37 miles down the North Toe River from Riverside Park in Spruce Pine to Poplar. The trail travels through Class I, II and III rapids, passing primarily undeveloped forest and farmland. There are beautiful scenic views of mountains, rapids and valleys. You can spot many types of wildlife along the way including Great Blue Herons, ducks, hawks, turtles, fish and amphibians.  The trail offers river access points at regular intervals along the trail, usually at a bridge.



Catawba Valley Outing Club Outing on the North Toe River 

The Toe River Valley Canoe Trail Map is a great free resource that provides paddlers with information on each section of the river including intakes, outtakes, length, parking information and what to watch out for.

Print out a free copy of the Canoe Trail Map Here.