Journey to the Arts

Hugging the curves of the mountains of Western North Carolina is Toe River Arts, one of the most significant concentrations of artists in the nation. Here you will find the journey of the arts and the art of the journey inextricably intertwined, celebrating the seekers and the finders.

It’s about place. It’s about the destination. It’s about the art we find when we arrive in the Toe River Valley.

pexels-photo-825890   The Toe River Valley is one of the most memorable areas in the country. Meandering streams and rivers, impressive mountain ranges and peaks that cradle the inviting valleys between. In the summer, the rhododendron infuses the verdant hills with brilliant pinks and magenta. In winter, the air is so crisp it snaps, and snows quiet the landscape. Add into this diverse mix, the number of trails (hiking, heritage, quilt) and the over 400 artists who call this area home, and the Valley becomes a destination for visitors year round.

The Mitchell County area—home to Toe River Arts, Penland School of Crafts, The Spruce Pine Potters Market, Parkway Playhouse, Fire on the Mountain Blacksmith Festival,  and many galleries, —offers something to do, something to experience, participate in, and  journey to every weekend of the year, no matter the season.

We value the creative spirit inherent in every person. The uniqueness of this region. Its natural beauty. The generosity of the people. We value excellence and innovation in the arts and believe that it honors our rich cultural heritage and contributes to quality of life. It is from our diverse perspectives that a community thrives. This is what makes the Toe River Valley a journey worth taking.

Fire on the Mountain Blacksmith Festival