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You may not know much about Mitchell County yet…except that some think Mt. Mitchell is located here. (Inside secret…named after the same guy that our county is named, Elisha Mitchell,  but just across the county border).

Located right smack dab in the middle of the “three peaks”…Grandfather Mountain, Mt. Mitchell and Roan Mountain…we are in the center of it all.


Our county runs from the Blue Ridge Parkway to the top of Roan Mountain and the Appalachian Trail, from the tip of the North Toe River to the rapids of the Nolichucky. In between are our unique communities filled with the best artist studios, pick your own farms, heritage apple orchards, gem mines, moss covered trails and rushing waterfalls. Oh and there’s three distinct towns with their own style…like the three pretty sisters at your high school, our towns have great personalities and a little something special that makes them each a little unique.


Come for a day or a weekend…we can fill your days with some experiences that your family hasn’t had yet, introduce you to some new vacation traditions that you will want to keep on that “go to” list.  Whatever you are seeking on your next adventure, we’re sure you’ll find it in our communities…and a whole lot more.

bakersville mural

Whichever part of this special area you choose to discover, you’ll find spectacular scenery, fun things to do and friendly, helpful people. You’ll also find a place that’s unhurried, unspoiled and unassuming. So linger awhile and discover Mitchell County.



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