Little Switzerland

Little Switzerland is right off of the Blue Ridge Parkway at Milepost 334 just 3 miles from Spruce Pine and is a picturesque village that you will definitely want to put on your list. This little summer village is filled with charm, character, and stunning mountain views. Whether you are searching for fine dining, an outdoor adventure, or shopping Little Switzerland is the place to find it.

Switzerland Inn

Little Switzerland is also home to many hiking trails that lead to some special spots. Crabtree Falls, located just off the Parkway at milepost 339.5, is a 2 mile looping trail that leads to a stunning 70 foot tall waterfall. This hiking trail has an elevation gain of 480 feet and sections that are strenuous. Grassy Creek Falls is a 2 mile trail round trip trail that is perfect for beginners within walking distance of all of the main spots in Little Switzerland, with an elevation gain of only 300 feet. Although it is on private property, this trail is open to the public and is also located just off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. More hiking trails, such as Wiseman’s View and Linville Falls are just a short drive from Little Switzerland and also offer stunning views.

“Downtown” Little Switzerland Shops, Cafe & General Store

Little Switzerland has many outdoor activities for visitors of all ages. One of the most well-known activities is gem mining. With two local mines located in Little Switzerland, you can pan and mine for gems that you can take home as a souvenir or turn into a piece of jewelry. This is the perfect activity for families of all ages! Other outdoor activities include rappelling, rafting, tubing, yoga hikes, rock climbing through a local adventure guide company in Little Switzerland. These activities are available from Late March through November and most are activities are for ages 12 and above.  For the motorcycle and sports car enthusiasts, driving the DiamondBack route in Little Switzerland is a thrilling experience. This route overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains has 190 steep climbing curves in only 12 miles!


There are great shops, galleries, restaurants, a general store, a great used bookshop and also a spa in Little Switzerland, so for a small village, it’s full of things to do!

Alpine Inn Mountain View
Emerald Village Gem Mine
Grassy Creek Falls
Skyline Village Inn

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