“the hotspot for Nordic skiing and snowshoeing in the Southeast”

Blue Ridge Outdoor Magazine says their favorite spot to head to in the High Country is our own Roan Mountain. The Roan is beautiful and amazing in all seasons, but the winter season just provides a little something special that those who have experienced keep coming back to.

Blue Ridge Outdoor Magazine wrote “Our favorite spot to get out into the backcountry is Roan Mountain, the hotspot for Nordic skiing and snowshoeing in the Southeast. From Carvers Gap you can access the summit observation tower at Roan High Bluff. This makes for a lovely ski tour or snowshoe hike with views to spare at 5,700 feet, the perfect ending to a not so perfect winter season.”

So what are you waiting for? Pack up and head up here! For driving directions head to Bakersville, NC and then travel Hwy 261 to Carvers Gap. It’s a beautiful scenic ride and you will want to be sure to grab a lunch/snack at one of Bakersville’s unique diners and cafes and pop your head into one of the warm antique shops or galleries.

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