Roan Rhododendron report 2020

It’s June and that means our mountain is beginning to “pink up”. The rhododendron garden atop Roan Mountain is the largest naturally growing rhododendron garden IN THE WORLD! In June of each year, the blooms begin to peek open and then burst into color. Speculation on the date and time of the bloom’s glory is always a thing of mystery, but we do our best to help visitors with our Rhododendron Report from the “Old Man From the Mountain”. Check back often to see the progress and plan your trip!

Good News! The gate to the rhododendron garden is open! See our Explore Mitchell Facebook Page for the most recent video (week of June 14) from the local ranger on the bloom status.

If you have specific questions about access, please call the Ranger station at (828) 689-9694.

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