Little Switzerland Tops The List of Charming US Towns

“Forget the crowds of Central Park and the flashing lights of Vegas; this one’s for all you offbeat adventurers looking to make your own way down the path less traveled. From cozy cabins in the eastern mountains to the stunning red rocks of the western states, here’s our pick of 5 charming, though vastly underrated, U.S. towns that you should consider putting in your travel plans.”

The Discover blog recently posted the The 5 Charming US Towns You’ve Never Heard Of and Little Switzerland was showcased at the top of the list.

“To kick off our list, Little Switzerland is one for the nature lovers among us. The community is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains at a 3,500-foot elevation – and landscape-wise, it’s delightfully reminiscent of the real deal Swiss countryside.

Little Switzerland is the perfect destination for a quiet break from the city. You’ll want to rent a cabin up in the mountains, go for hikes along the nature trails, and peruse the local craft shops where artists flog their handmade creations.

Interestingly, the area is surrounded by old gem mines and one of the highlight activities in the locality is to rent out a sluice and bucket and try your luck at dredging up some precious stones. Not only does it make for a unique family activity and a fun day out, but the thrill of actually finding an emerald or a piece of gold in your sluice is unbeatable.”

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  • I also spent a really good time there during my last summer holidays and we came back with many pleasant memories.

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