Seek: a weekend getaway Find: a sense of belonging

From your first day in town, you knew this was a one of a kind place. The kind of place where new acquaintances become old friends, where laughter and excitement are found and where memories that will last a lifetime can be made in just a few days.

Toe River Arts Gallery

As you viewed one of a kind art pieces in the Toe River Arts Gallery, a local artist was on site to discuss their art with visitors to the gallery. One on one, the artist told you their techniques, inspirations and the visions they had when creating the piece of art you saw in front of you. Colorful, vibrant and full of life, this art depicted your life, your travels and the things you hold most dear.

Potter at potters wheel

The wheel spun as the potter moved his hands over the muddy clay, shaping and molding, a craftsman in his element. He told you about the old wheel throwing techniques that he is used and the story of how he learned to make pottery. You all began to chat about life, art and the beautiful scenery, and it was almost as if time stood still.

The cold water shocked you, but you couldn’t stop laughing as you watched the water soak your friends who were in the raft beside you. Screaming and laughing, you floated down the river on a raft with friends and new acquaintances that made this an unforgettable experience. They helped you to navigate the waters as you rode down class two and three rapids on the Nolichucky.  The whitewater around Mitchell County is well-known and you and your friends had a first class seat to the action.

Group rafting on the river with Loafer's Glory Rafting
Loafer’s Glory Rafting & Tubing

You came expecting a typical weekend vacation, but found the warmth of new friendships and the rekindling of old ones. You found a welcoming atmosphere and genuine people that you cannot find anywhere else besides Mitchell County. Around campfires, you and your friends have laughed while reminiscing about your lives, how much they have changed, and the good times that you have had together. While only here for the weekend, you have made memories that will last a lifetime.

Tent camping in Mitchell County nc

As you stroll down the streets of our local towns, you are able to sense a feeling that you never thought possible in such a short time. The feeling of belonging; belonging to a community, to a lifestyle, and to the people who you have built new friendships with during your short time here. You came seeking a weekend getaway, but found something that is so much greater; you found a sense of belonging and the bonds of friendship and community that will last a lifetime.

Group hugs at sunset

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feature photo credit: Appalachian Exposures