Living Treasures

From Grandfather Mountain to the North Carolina Coast, artists living their legacy have been honored since 1986 with the North Carolina Living Treasures designation by the Museum of World Cultures. The initiative celebrates the value of artists and their talents, art, and their contribution to education and society. The biannual honor has recognized boatwrights,potters, luthiers, marqueters, blacksmiths, gunsmiths, weavers and glass artisans, to name a few. These artists and craftsmen have demonstrated their talents honed over decades of study and work.

Mitchell County can boast that we have more North Carolina Living Treasures than any other county in the state! With ten of the seventeen Living Treasures from Mitchell County, we believe it is a testament to the incredible talent and creativity in our area.

Mitchell County’s NC┬áLiving Treasures:

Cynthia Bringle, Potter

Bea Hensley, Blacksmith

Harvey Littleton, Glassmaker

Mark Peiser, Glassmaker

Penland School of Craft, Center

Richard Ritter, Glassmaker

Norman Schulman, Ceramist

Billie Ruth Sudduth, Basketmaker

Arval Woody, Furniture Maker

Thayer Francis, Marqueter