Grandfather Mountain: Wonders Never Cease

Anyone who visits Grandfather Mountain discovers a place that inspires awe through natural wonders. You’ll never experience the same mountain twice: today you might come face-to-face with an owl, another day you may see rare wildflowers in bloom. Just talk to one of our naturalists to understand more about these living treasures and learn where to find them. There’s nowhere else on Earth that you can enjoy such a variety of mountain life in one amazing place.

One thing about Grandfather Mountain is that the more you see of it, the more incredible it is. A network of nature walks and trails can take you through gentle forests and meadows or if you choose, through rugged terrain navigated by ladders and cables. Either way, you can glimpse the wildest of wildlife and more of the breathtaking views Grandfather is famous for.

Just a short drive from Spruce Pine, Grandfather Mountain is a great day trip with plenty to keep you busy on the mountain.  Check out our calendar of events for special activities at Grandfather throughout the year.

Grandfather Mountain Hiking Trails