Dellinger’s Grist Mill: An Experience in History, Grits & NASA

Dellinger’s Grist Mill is one of those “must experience” places….not just in Mitchell County, but in the State.  Maybe in the country.  You are guaranteed to walk away with a new hero and friend in master miller Jack Dellinger and hopefully with a bag of fresh ground grits!

Located in picturesque Bakersville, NC, Dellinger’s Grist Mill is one of only a very few historic mills in the state of North Carolina still operating.  It is operated by 4th generation miller Jack Dellinger. This scenic 1867 landmark is on the National Historic Register. “It runs just like it did in the 1800s,” Dellinger says. “I use the same wheel, gears, pulleys and millstones that my ancestors did,” Dellinger told The Laurel of Asheville magazine.  He grinds and sells white grits and cornmeal and—after being educated about it by a friend—polenta, what some call Italian grits.

Edible Brooklyn calls a bag of Dellinger’s freshly ground grits “worth their weight in potential luggage fees.”

Jack Dellinger conducts tours, loves when field trips come to visit, and grinds on most days weather permitting.  You can check out the Dellinger Grist Mill schedule at their website Dellinger’s Grist Mill.  When you visit….be sure to ask Jack about how he helped NASA put the first men on the moon!